3615 Nuits Blanches

I think that it's very difficult for someone to write about the the French electronic scene, it would take him thousand of words... Artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Cerrone, Daft Punk or the more recent names such as Air, Kid Loco, St.Germain and M83 are some of the most talented and influential acts on the particular genre globally. A genre that spreads from Disco to IDM and from Synth Pop to Electronica of nowadays. 2017 has already introduced to us representatives of French electronic music that not only make the expectations even higher, but also are responsible for the creation of new sounds and styles, which possibly in the near future could be regarded as brand new music (sub)genres... 3615 Nuits Blanches are such a new band and has already established its own unique and innovative philosophy and approach from day 1. "3615" is not just a number to attract attention and make the duet from Paris easily recognizable. On the contrary, it's a symbol of nostalgia regarding the recent French internet history: 3615Ulla was an internet service, a big chatroom, in which people mainly flirted and talked about love and sex. Arnault and Antonine, Nuits Blanches' members, used this number to pay a tribute to the whole thing, a memorial symbolic reference to the 80's, to the nightlife and love...   

In just two months, the French duo managed to create a great album, the overwhelming and sensual About Last Night, loaded with the essential amount of melancholia that every decent electronica album should have in its insides, in order to touch the listeners' hearts and sentiment. And, yes, Nuits Blanches' debut album definitely captures our deepest emotions with songs like Turn Of The Light, Be Mine and Last Night. But if you think that 'About Last Night' is just about philosophy, sentimental words etc, then listen to songs like Silent Delight, Don't Wanna Dance and Sexophonia and get ready to move your feet, as such songs take us straight to the magical 80's dance disco era... 

Antonine as a child and a teenager, used to listen to Jethro Tull, King Crimson, although later she moved to the likes of Kate Bush and to the magic of classical music. Arnault listened to more electronic stuff, he was into the French House as well. The synth-wave outcome of the just arrived "About Last Night", encapsulates all these influences. Synths, drum machines and guitatrs bring to our speakers all the sounds of their teens, along with the modernism of today's music. If we take into account the warm and stunning voice of Antonine, everything finds its explanation and is finally put in its right place. Concluding, we could say that the French duo's debut album is an extremely interesting and elegant release, a finely-crafted electronica creation that instantly attracts your attention and...ears. You can read Antonine and Arnault interview for The Basement below. Thank you guys!   



The Basement: Hello guys and girls, so happy to have you here for an interview. Congrats for your wonderful debut LP ! Let's suppose that we just met. Please, introduce yourselves to us.
Antonine: I’m Antonine, singer/writer from our band 3615 Nuits Blanches.
Arnault: And I'm Arnault, composer & producer of the band.

The Basement: Where do the members of the band come from ? How did you met, started playing and composing music together ?
Antonine: We are from Paris. Both musicians, we were working mainly in solo. For me some collaborations with various artists as singer or additionnal musician. We met on the darknet in Spring 2015, we started to work together for a first song test. The result was so damn cool that we decided to make a full album. It was very exciting.
Arnault: Our workflow was simply amazing. I'd send Antonine a rough idea in the evening and she'd send me a vocal idea back 2 hours later. We did go on like that all night, and that's basically
how we made our first track.

The Basement: When did you start the band and what is the meaning of the number "3615" ?
Antonine: We really decided to start the 3615 Nuits Blanches project in April 2015. 3615 refers to this : In France, the Minitel was the ancestor of the internet, a view data service which had become
a familiar part of French life. Its most famous service was the first erotic chatroom number called «3615Ulla ». Children of the 80’s are nostalgic from this culture, music & lifestyle, we were also spending our time chating and making sound together through the internet during sleepless nights. That’s 3615 Nuits Blanches.

The Basement: I somewhere red that your album was recorded in a period of two months. How you managed to do this ? Did you already had a plan of the songs ?
Antonine: We were like 2 little children playing to a new game. It was easy making things together fastly, it was so fluent. You know when you don’t sleep, you reach a weird mindset between euphoria, excitment and total loss of control. The more you create, the more you try new things to surprise your partner, the more you want to do it faster and better. You’re like drugged. I couldn’t really remember how we did that, this period is very foggy, but I swear we don't do drugs!!
Arnault: Working at night could have been tricky; when making music alone, you sometimes think you made the biggest tune of your life and when you check it back the next morning just sounds awful. But nothing like that happened. We always were very happy and excited about what we were doing, even though we didn't know what was exactly happening at the moment.

The Basement: Let us know about the process of making the album. What about the production and all the arrangements, who did them ?
Arnault: We mostly did everything together. Starting everything from scratch, a vocal line or a chord progression. The writing & recording was done really fast, but the production & mixing took a little bit more time, as we wanted a precise color for the record. Something between vintage & modern.

The Basement: What are your influences ? What you've been listening to as teenagers ? I bet that you love Chromatics :)
Antonine: I was the archetype of the rebel teen, so, I had my own Rock Band. Listening a lot of progressive Rock music as Jethro Tull, King Crimson, but also Bowie, Kate Bush etc, while learning classical piano and opera singing. 
Arnault: I really love Chromatics and everything Johnny Jewel touches. He really knows how to add sparkles of nostalgia onto a track and that always amazes me. As a teenager I was really into House music, especially the first wave of the French Touch. Now I'm more into Electro & Boogie from the early 80s & Jazz Funk from the late 70s.

The Basement: Whose idea was "Be Mine" ? This is a huge track, reminding us of the good years for electronic music. Tell us more.
Arnault: Actually "Be Mine"s vocals were originally recorded for another song. Then it took us like 3 months trying to find a new arrangement for "Be Mine", but we weren't satisfied with any of them. Then, 3 days before the Mastering deadline I tried something (again, late at night) and that's the version you can hear on the record. I wouldn't be able to tell how it happened. The magic of the night I guess...

The Basement: Mission accomplished ? Are you satisfied with the final outcome ?
Arnault: We are really proud of the whole record. It's exactly how we wanted it, even for the physical copy. The record just looks gorgeous, the pictures from our friend Elodie Pilboue look amazing and fit perfectly to the music.

The Basement: French electronic music is one of the most interesting in the world. What do you think of the contemporary artists of this kind of music ? Concerning France but abroad also...
Arnault: I'm not sure it still means something in 2017. As long as you make good music and have a SoundCloud account, you could be living in Micronesia and make some amazing tracks. I don't usually pay attention to where people come from as long as I like the music.

The Basement: How’s your life in France ? Do you have any other jobs except from being musicians ? How do you spend your free time ?
Antonine: I work in fashion industry as Artistic Director by day. Music is for my nights and all the rest of my free time. I don’t need to sleep much.
Arnault: I'm a full time music producer. Lots of projects going on at the moment and not so much free time...

The Basement: Do you listen to new music ? Propose us any artists you think we must know about.
Antonine: My friends are always kidding me cause « I can’t like an artist if he’s not dead or almost». Not fair and totally untrue!! Do you know Daniel Darc from the french band Taxi Girl ? I’m so in love with this guy.
Arnault: There's this French artist called Trudge. He makes amazing Lo-Fi House music (or whatever it's called). His track "True Stories Can't Be Told" really blows me away.

The Basement: Are you going to play in any gigs soon ?
Arnault: We're working on it. But we want to find the perfect set up before going on stage. Lots of visual, a great scenography... But we'll get there!

The Basement; Any your long term plans ? What are your ambitions for the band ?
Antonine: What a question ! We wish us the best, we pray for having the chance to never sleep anymore.
Arnault: Definitely more music & more records!

Thank you 3615 Nuits Blanches !!!

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