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There are two super talented brothers in Scotland, there are two cool kind guys that make great music up there for almost five years now: Kris Mitchell and Pete Bruce. We follow them since 2012, when -under the name The Shakedown Project- they had released a cool video for their song 'Caroline', which had instantly caught our attention and became one of Basement's favourite tunes for that year. The Shakedown Project, Kris, Pete and David Noble on drums, released two EPs, the self-titled in the summer of 2012, and the wonderful 'Don't Ask Me How' in June of 2013. However, some time later, Noble left the band and the two brothers went on by themselves under the new band name Apache Sun. I'll never forget my excitment when I first heard their first single 'The Rain That Never Came' in the summer of 2014, and you can imagine my excitement when Kris and Pete agreed to give the song for our 'Music From The Basement' compilation due for release early June. But, for Apache Sun, it was only that: Singles 'Wandering Eyes''Club Noir' and 'Backseat Driver' that follow were equally magical and beautiful. Having the chance to catch up with my beloved brothers was absolutely great and here's our interview...


The Basement: Hi guys ! Allow me to start from the... Shakedown Project. How did the whole thing stop and under which circumstances did Apache Sun form afterwards? 
It just felt that band had ended, two of the people who were in the band originally had left and we felt that the music we were writing was from a different place. We felt it deserved its own name.

 The Basement: Which would you consider the main differences between the two bands in terms of sound?
I don’t know if theres a difference other than we got better at recording the sounds we heard, if there is a change we never noticed. I think we understand our craft a bit better and that comes through.

The Basement: How would you describe Apache Sun to someone that has never listened to your music?
Its hard to describe your own music but I'll try... Its dreamy psychedelic landscapes with a  dark rock growl, kinda haha.

The Basement: So, four cool, really beautiful songs up to now. What’s next? We’ve been reading about your upcoming EP ‘Silhouettes’ a couple of months ago... Should we expect the release soon? 
We are going to try and release a single every month or so, will keep our output current. A small label is going to release a EP of our previous singles and a couple of unreleased songs from last year in the next couple of months too.

The Basement: And then? Are you heading for an LP ?
Just singles right now. If someone wants to pay us to do an album then I suppose why not.

As with the Shakedown Project, you have done again great work with the videos supporting the songs. How do you create them and what’s your intention when making them?
Thank you, we just try and find material that suits the feel of the songs. We try and find a visual representation, even if it is just some folk dancing in leotards for a couple of minutes haha.

Well, you should see my 4-year-old daughter trying to imitate the girls dance on ‘Wandering Eyes’. She was not bad at all... By the way, this a great song, the second one shared by the band. What’s the story behind it?
It actually started of as an interlude (the end section). Then the riff was added somewhere along the line. It was more or less written as it was being recorded so it doesnt really fit any specific structure.

And what about the wondrous 'The Rain That Never Came', which will feature in our compilation 'Music From The Basement' (thank you so much about that guys!). How was it written?
We came up with the name on a day when we were supposed to be busking but the weather forecast said it was going to rain so we decided to record instead. Kris was looking out the window later on in the afternoon as it had been sunny all day and remarked "The rain that never came". That was then the title given to the song we recorded that day.



The Basement: Any plans for live shows and gigs?
Yes, one day hopefully. There is just two of us who write and record what is Apache Sun so until there is money and time to get a touring band together we will mainly be recording but yes we would love to play live.

The Basement: There’s a number of really cool pictures with you playing music on the streets. In some of them, there are cops around... Are they after you for some reason guys? :)
Haha there never to far away... Yeah we play a lot on the streets to finance Apache Sun and just to continue playing live in some context.

The Basement: Which bands or artists would you consider as your main influences?
The main ones would be the Beatles, Kinks, Bob Dylan etc. We are currently going through a massive Paul McCartney “Band on the Run” phase haha

The Basement: Which British bands would you consider as the most important at the moment?

The Basement: Did you like Arctic Monkeys’ A.M. ? We actually didn’t. So, so, so mainstream...
I really enjoyed the overall sound of the album, beautifully mixed and mastered. For me there best sounding.

The Basement: How do you picture Apache Sun in five years from now? 
Rich or homeless

Thank you Apache Sun!
You are welcome !:)x


* You can read Shakedown Project's interviews with the Basement here (1) and here (2).

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