We fell in love with them since (almost) Day 1. It was back in November of 2014, a few days after Blossoms released their debut single 'Blow', when we first heard about them and listened to the single. We became instantly and totally convinced that the Manchester (Stockport) quintet consisting of Tom Ogden (vocals/guitar), Charlie Salt  (bass), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar/percussion), Joe Donovan (drums) and Myles Kellock (keyboards/BVs), were not just another Britsh indie band, they were something more, something special actually and destined to become one of Basement's favourite bands. Having the song featured in our 'Music From The Basement' compilation was a huge honour... The single that followed (Cut Me And I'll Bleed) and of course their recent debut EP Blown Rose (July 2015) confirmed our...predictions and expectations: beautiful innovative well-crafted music. Blossoms have made clear that they don't see themselves as a part of the recent neo-psychedelia/60's revival trend - "we are not a psychedelic band by any means, we are not a 60s band – you know what I mean?”. Actually, on their official Facebook page, they describe their music as 'Ethereal Nostalgic Sonance'. Sounds cool... Well, that's all from us, here are the Blossoms!


The Basement: How and when did the Band members first meet?
B: Blossoms is the estranged lovechild of four bygone musical entities. Initially conceived in the spring of 2013, Tom (Vocals), Charlie (Bass), Josh (Guitar) and Joe (Drums), collectively begun to practice a few freshly penned songs which were considerably dissimilar from the sounds they had previously created with their ex-bands. After numerous rehearsals, it was decided that the songs would benefit greatly from the addition of a keyboard, and so, Myles Kellock was recruited (Complete with a broken wrist and no experience on keys whatsoever!).

The Basement: How did you come up with your name?
B: We met during the Winter Equinox on a remote grassy kn… as much as we’d like to say that was how the name was conceived, unfortunately, it wasn’t. Our name derives directly from an infamous drinking den in our hometown of Stockport called… ‘The Blossoms’, strangely enough. It was coincidentally suggested to Joe, by Tom and Charlie within the space of a few days. Destiny. 

The Basement: Where do you generally draw inspiration from?
B: The impending ephemerality of social interaction, infidelity, James Stewart’s blue eyes and everything that fits in between.

The Basement: Which were your influences through the years?  
B: We have our Parents’ record collections to thank for all that we stand for as musicians, the pinnacle collectively being Fleetwood Mac – Rumours. For five pre-pubescent Doe’s listening to ‘Dreams’ for the first time, the opening tickle of the snare drum is enough to make you want to pick up an instrument and make music. The spectrum of influences that shine through in our material is beyond vast and it’d be impossible to list every one. The royal contenders (This isn’t a band) are evident if you listen to our material be that on record or live. Wholesome songwriting, contagious hooks and genuine emotion drive us to create what we create, if it’s good it’s good, if it’s not working, we’ll shelve it for a later date. 

The Basement: How did you came up to have James Skelly as the producer of your first singles and then your Latest EP ? Did he found you or you got to him?
B: He discovered us, which was nice. We had this very rudimentary eight track demo of ‘Blow’ kicking around online at the time which he was sent by a friend. After listening to the track, it was just a case of him getting in touch and inviting us over to his studio space on The Wirral for a ‘Jam’ if you like, which was a very exciting time for us, being huge fans of The Coral and all!


The Basement: Given the chance with this interview, we would like to deeply thank you once again for giving us your wonderful song "Blow" for our compilation "Music From The Basement". What’s the story behind it, under which circumstances it was written?
B: It really is our pleasure. We’d like to continue to make tracks that receive the same reception as Blow has obtained/still is obtaining. ‘Blow’ tells the tale of a heartbroken adolescent who doesn’t know which way to turn, after his only love has taken him on an unfaithful ride. Surely you can interpret the storyline from our petite blurb? Blow was the first song Tom wrote (On his Parents’ bed to be precise) after Joe and Charlie had introduced him to the music of The Doors. 



The Basement: Starting the video clip for "Blow", you arrive to the club in a mini Cooper. Does that mean something? Did you wanted to give a point about your way of writting music?
B: *1972 Mini Clubman, if we’re being pernickety…
There’s no hidden message in the vehicle we used for the video. It was just a case of it looking the business, and it did/does. We borrowed it from a close friend of ours and since it was a 42 year old car with no power steering, Charlie who drove the car in the video, left the set with biceps like Popeye. It’s a perfect establishing shot for a bands music video as it immediately emulates a sense of togetherness. We had real fun making it!

The Basement: What's the most exciting part for you? Song-Writing, Recording or Touring?
B: All three. It's a rewarding profession to be in, because you get to take songs in their embryonic stage to a studio to be morphed into a shiny new product, and then out on the road with you. Your songs are your children, without them, there's no equilibrium. 


The Basement: What’s your view on the UK music phenomenon called Arctic Monkeys? Their latest album A.M. gained them some millions of new fans and the ultimate glory in the US, but also cost them losing some old loyal fans that charged them of becoming heavily mainstream and somehow boring.
B: If you wanna be one of the biggest bands in the world, you're gonna have to evolve with the times and yes, you will sacrifice some loyal fans along the way, but doesn't that just prove their ignorance to creativity and change? They're untouchable. Never has guitar music and modern poetry blended so well, apart from The Smiths of course, whose brilliance and individualism, NEVER needs to be justified. 


The Basement: Are you on any tour these days? Any international tour programming in the coming months? Wish we see you in Greece !
B: Blossoms have been busy annihilating the UK festival circuit this summer and we still have a handful to play, including Reading & Leeds and Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, which we're over the moon about. We'll be heading out on our second headline tour in October of this year, stopping off at most of the UK's big cities and concluding at The Ritz in Manchester. As far as Greece is concerned, we have many Rhodes to travel first, but we won't rule it out... 

The Basement: What has been the best and worst live gigs you’ve played to date?
B: Over the past year we've been fortunate enough to tour with some prolific bands who've been really kind to us. To open up for Courteeners at their sold-out Heaton Park gig, was unsurpassable... It's hard to separate the good from the bad, as we all love getting on stage and doing our thing, night after night. Some would say that the 'Toilet Tours' are the worst, but at the end of the day, you're playing your heart out for 30-45 minutes consecutively for three weeks straight, with four of your best mates. What could possibly go wrong? You have to take the rough with the smooth or else there's just no point in doing it. 


The Basement: How you can imagine yourselves in about five years from now?
B: To maintain a healthy amount of significance within the world of music. In Laymen's Terms, we want to be fucking massive. 

The Basement: Albums are every new artist's dream. "Blown Rose" EP is wonderful and it is already digitaly out. In October your 10inch vinyl will hit the stores. Are you soon planning to get an LP recorded?
B: In a word, yes. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground.

The Basement: We have a thing with lists here in The Basement. Would you like to share with us your ten favourite bands/artists of all time?
B: In no particular order:

The Smiths 
Arctic Monkeys 
Shawn Lee
The Stone Roses
Dr. Dre
Simon & Garfunkel 
The Doors

Thank you Blossoms !!!


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