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Hailing from London, but originating from three different countries, France, Italy and Mexico, Cairobi is a four-piece psychedelic pop band that at the beginning of the year (January 2017) introduced themselves with their beautiful self-titled debut LP. Τhe band at its current form exists for almost three years now, their first ever release 'Distant Fire' EP dates back in 2014, while 5 singles preceded their debut, including the stunning and highly addictive "The Saint", track No7 of their LP. Undoubtedly, 'Cairobi' is a very interesting and notable release, with ethnic and world music elements making their sound even more fascinating and adventurus and giving the band a distinct and solid music identity. The album was produced by Cairobi themselves and was recorded between Berlin, London, Rome and New York. Basement had the chance to talk with keyboardist Salvador Garza and here's the cool and very interesting chat we had with him.



Cairobi self-titled album, released January 27



The Basement: Hello guys, so happy to have you here for an interview. Congrats for your wonderful debut LP ! Let's suppose that we just met. Please, introduce yourselves to us.
Hi! we are Aurelien, Alessandro, Giorgio and myself Salvador and some people know us as Cairobi.

The Basement: Your origins aren't the same, where do the members of the band come from ? How did you meet and start playing and composing music together ? 
Indeed we are from France, Italy and Mexico. Giorgio and Alessandro knew each other when they were young living in Rome. Giorgio moved to London to study music and that's where Giorgio and myself met at a music college and with broken english started to build a friendship and found mutual musical interests and so started playing together. We started getting more friends involved in a project that went by the name as Vadoinmessico. We then needed a bass player and so Giorgio thought to call Alessandro and so he flew to London and joined the band. after playing with different drummers and finding that due to London being a harsh place to live for musicians part of us relocated to Berlin while myself stayed in London. In Berlin we where in need of a new drummer and so we met Aurelien who filled the spot perfectly and so the project transformed in to whats is now Cairobi. 

The Basement: When did you start the band and what is the meaning of the word "Cairobi" ?
Giorgio and myself started playing together in 2008 but Cairobi as it exists now started in late 2014. Cairobi is a word that Giorgio woke up with one day and has no defined meaning which we like as we do not like to define our music as anything specific. 

The Basement: Your album was recorded between Berlin, London, Rome and New York. How did you manage to do this and which circumstances lead you to this decision ?
This came from necessity as some of us were living in Berlin and some in London and Rome. Once we were in NY playing some shows at CMJ and the opportunity arose to record in a great studio and so we did. But mostly we did it in friends studios when ever there was a chance, our rehearsal room in Berlin surrounded by very loud metal bands. It was a difficult process and probably made it longer than normal but in a way it allowed for vey condensed and intense sessions. 

The Basement: Let us know about the process of making the album. What about the production and all the arrangements, who was responsible for them ? 
Normally the songs come from Giorgio who sometime takes ideas that are played in the studio, then the arrangements are explored with everyone or while we record it. Giorgio and myself recorded and produced the album and allot of the mixing.

The Basement: Was there a central idea behind the record before making it ? If yes, what is that ?
There is no specific idea behind the album, it was an evolution of what we had been doing and the results of us exploring new sounds with electric instruments, full drum kits and synthesisers. 

The Basement: What are your influences ? What have you been listening to as teenagers ?
I guess its a very wide pool as we all came from different countries, we where teenagers in slightly different times. I used to listen to allot of popular Mexican and latin american music but was also very in to the alternative music from the 80’s, 90’s., 00’s 

The Basement: In "Cairobi", we can hear genres as krautrock, African, psychedelic and folk oriented songs. Can you specify the king of music you write ? 
At the end of the day we write pop songs which have taken different inspirations and sounds to suit its needs and what felt right and exciting at the moment. 

The Basement: Who's idea was "Saint" ? This is a huge track, reminding us of some major bands sounds. Tell us more.
Giorgio wrote the lyrics of this song talking about a girlfriend breaking up with him as he woke up and having this weird disorientated feeling of shock while not properly awake. 

The Basement: Mission accomplished in some way for you with the first LP ? Are you satisfied with the final outcome ?
We are very happy with what we achieved of the record, we always feel like we could continue working on it but you have to let go.

The Basement: Do you have more tricks for us in the near future ? I mean, this is a truly complex album with many many ingredients that evince your efforts in making the album a really interesting one.
Τhank you, we just hope to have the time soon to start working on a new album and continue working this way as it has worked for us so far. 

The Basement: How’s your life in London ? Do you have any other jobs except from being musicians ? How do you spend your free time ?
Well we are all spread out and do various things, Im the only one left in London at the moment as Giorgio and Aurelien are in Berlin and Alessandro in Rome and so we would congregate in Berlin to make the album. We all do other jobs that are related to music or theatre. 

The Basement: Do you listen to new music ? Propose us any hot artists you think we must know about.
Yes! we tend to listen to allot of friends new music and there is a few new stuff out there worth checking out like: Bas Jan, Soccer 96, Super Best Friends Club, Malphino, Loose Meat, Paddy Steer just to name a few. 

The Basement: Are you going to play in any gigs in your country or abroad ? 
We are looking to go on tour again soon so maybe some dates to be announced shortly.

The Basement: Any long term plans ? What are your ambitions for the band ?
To live long and prosper...

Thank you so much Salvador, thank you Cairobi!

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