Marc Collin

photo by Chistophe Crenel

Well known, loved and able to prove his talent and motivation for work at any time. Since 2003, along with Olivier Libaux on the charismatic French band, a band that is so beloved in our country, “Nouvelle Vague”. In June 2019, he released his first film as a director, "Le Choc du Futur" (he has done it again as a composer of OST's "2 Days in Paris" / 2007 and "Riviera" / 2005). Alma Jodorowsky, Clara Luciani and Philippe Rebbot complete a particularly interesting trio among the ten cast members.

The Story: Paris 1978, in the predominantly male music industry, Ana, a young mowed musician, uses new electronic machines to make herself heard. One day, she will create a new sound that will mark the history and the decades to come: one of the first pieces of electro-pop, the music of the Future.

Marc Collin does it in the hard way. A digital shoot about an analogue era, which required a lot of reworking of the image, an ambitious scenario that had to put women in the spotlight, as well a story that has no happy ending or a success story. But of course, he wanted to show the reality of a musician.

Marc, in his first feature film, seeks to bring to light the female moments of that time by paying tribute to all those who have worked in the field of electronic music and have been forgotten or silenced. We very well know Jean-Michel Jarre but hardly any of the American Suzanne Ciani and Laurie Spiegel. "Le Choc du Futur" tries to put things in the right place, showing how electronic music of the last century was created, emphasizing the importance of women in this process.

The soundtrack is not about Bossa or Nouvelle Vague's Jazz, the inspiration comes from New Wave, a genre he always adored as he admits in our talk. A film full of memories of a musical universe that we all pretty much lived through the music of so many bands of that era which lives on till today.

Below our talk with Marc about the film and his music life…


LE CHOC DU FUTUR by Marc Collin - Trailer



The Basement: Hello Marc, it's a great honor to have you! So many projects running for you this period of time and recently a film, "Le Choc du Futur". Who had the idea of making this?
Me! I had in mind for a Long time now to make a movie and I wrote the script 3 years ago I guess. Then it took one year to find producers and one year to finalize the movie but I'm very happy with it.

The Basement: What were your musical studies? Let us know more about your childhood.
I've studied piano till 12 but I gave up till the day I saw a band from my school, performing in a private party, I had the revelation of watching the keyboard player. I've asked him to teach me how to play pop music and I've persuaded my parents to buy me a synth. When I had it and a Mattel drum machine, I became obsessed by doing music, I was 15 or 16. I think I've never stopped since then.

The Basement: Your music past is surely a rich one with Nouvelle Vague holding the main part of your career. Tell us more about "Curiosities", your last album.
It's a compilation of unreleased tracks to celebrate our 15 years anniversary. We've recorded and produced these tracks between 2006 and 2009 but finally, we decided to not include them in the albums.

The Basement: "Le Choc du Futur" describes the struggle of a girl in Paris back in 1978. Ana Klimova is a fictional character but do you think things are suchlike with nowadays artists?
Of course, it's never easy to be an artist, you have to struggle, to keep the faith. And it's probably even more difficult if you are a woman.

The Basement: Did you write the script?

The Basement: Bossa Nova and Jazz have always been your specialty but you now seem to pass to a new territory, new wave and synth-pop. Were you always fascinated by this kind of music?
Absolutely this music is actually much more my territory than Bossa and Jazz! I've always been fascinated by electronic sound and music bands like Human League, Depeche Mode, Front 242 etc and I've got a cool collection of vintage synths and gears. This is my world and that's why I wanted to do a movie about it. I'm even thinking that the success of NOUVELLE VAGUE is because of its Bossa made by two pop musicians that are not jazz musicians at all!

The Basement: Tell us more about the people you cooperated with for this great result. Who was responsible to make the casting ?
I've chosen the main character, Alma Jodorowsky, at the beginning of the process, she s an actress but also a singer. So she was my character. For the other parts, it was decided just before the shooting, like one or two months before Philippe Rebbot for jean mi as we had some friends in common. Alma actually suggested Geoffrey Carrey and Laurent Papot and I've kind of written the role of Clara, thinking of the French singer Clara Luciani.

The Basement: How you first met Clara Luciani and Alma Jodorowsky and why you picked them? They both sing and act lovely.
I know Clara from a long time and she has sung with Nouvelle vague and my project Bristol and as I said, i thought of her to interpret the singer from the start. Then, i got a friend called Alban that is a keyboard player that is playing both for Clara and Alma's band! He wanted to introduce me to Alma so this is how it has happened, very naturally. Paris is a small city ;)

The Basement: Did you find out more things about yourself through this film ?
Not anymore but I've to admit that the character of Ana is not so far from me. I've realized it when I've watched the movie finished for the first time.

The Basement: So, women in the foreground. What was their impact on the electro-pop music industry of that era and why we tend to forget this fact?
I don't know about their influences on electro, pop but on electronic music that is obvious Someone like Suzanne Ciani or Laurie Spiegel, for example, has written amazing piece of electronic music in the 70s.

The Basement: Are you going to distribute the film out of France? I am sure the audience will embrace it.
The film has been sold in several countries already and just been released in UK with a really good welcome. I hope it will be played everywhere actually, let's see.

The Basement: Are you playing any gigs in the next few months? What are your future plans?
Surely, I am actually on tour with NOUVELLE VAGUE now, touring Scandinavia and Germany. Then Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Australia early new year. I hope to come to Greece next year.

The Basement: Marc, thank you for being a great friend of us all those years! Good luck with your new cinema adventures!


Le Choc du Futur OST by Marc Collin (released 19/6)



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