Sir Robin And The Longbowmen

Well, one of the best new bands that instantly caught our attention during the past two months are 'Sir Robin and The Longbowmen'. Hailing from Dresden, Germany, this amazing 7-piece neo-psychedelic band released their first 4 track self-titled EP last April and stole our hearts. The line up consists of Robin Heller & Konrad Reichel (vocals), Manuel Puschmann (organ), Stefan Hühn & Friedrich Griese (guitar), D.A. Humphrey (bass), Robin Heller (drums, percussion) and Thomas Jahn (mellotron). Great melodies played and supported by super talented musicians, superb vocals that strongly remind us of the one and only Jim Morrison, and the insuperable magic of Eric Burdon. Having the chance for an interview with them was absolutely cool and extremely interesting. We would like to thank them for the time they put on this and wish them the best in music and in life generally...


The Basement: Hi guys! How did the whole thing start for your band? How were Sir Robin and The Longbowmen initially formed?
It started as a fun project in Manu’s bed room in 2010. He started jamming with an old GDR Organ and two other guys that used small amps for bass and guitar. Later we added a drumkit and were having jams before moving to another rehearsal space in an old shabby cellar. Another guitar player joined in and we finally convinced Konrad to become our lead singer. We moved away from that shithole very soon to a slightly more comfortable atelier and played our fist show ever in 2011 at a flat share party.

The Basement: What about your cool and absolutely unusual name? How did you come up with it?
It was Manu’s idea. Our drummer, who’s name is Robin actually came to at least 10 rehearsals with a list of other band names just because he didn’t want to have his name in the band name. One of his suggestions was Sir Robin & The Great Tits which the ornithology-minded will probably understand. But eventually he gave up on that so that’s when we were called Sir Robin & The Longbowmen.

The Basement: How would you describe your sound to someone that has never listened to your music?
It always feels kind of hard to describe what you are doing. It’s probably best to go to a show and see and hear for yourself. Of course there is a need for comparison regarding bands and musical styles but everybody’s got another opinion about it so that’s that. You can hear some of our influences within the songs but like many other bands we are trying to create something new and refreshing. Someone once called us “Bud Spencer & The Doors”. That’s yucky.

The Basement: The band consists of 7 (!) musicians. How easy is it to cooperate and work together in such a big team?
We are performing most shows right now with the six of us and Thomas Jahn has helped us to gather some ideas and produce some of the songs and also joined in for a couple of gigs. Obviously it gets harder the more people are in the band but despite the fact that we are not all living in the same city we are working pretty well together which is necessary for working on and releasing our first album as well. We also established a great form of search for consensus thanks to the Greek people…Democracy! (HA!)  

The Basement: There’s been some changes in the group. Martin Uslaub was replaced by Friedrich Griese and Felix Raskiewicz by D.A. Humphrey. What happened? 
There have been some changes since the band was founded. We’ve had 3 different bass players and 5 guitar players up until now for different reasons. Making music not only for the fun of it requires a lot of dedication and you have to make sacrifices. Be it personnel or personally. Friedrich Griese had a side project with our drummer and guitarist and joined the band at the beginning of this year as well as D.A. Humphrey, who was playing in a lot of the bands back in the States like The Quarter After and The Flying Saucers. He stayed in Dresden after he finished his European Tour with The Blank Tapes, were he was playing Bass for 5 years and is now living here.

The Basement: You just released your first EP, the 4-track self-titled Sir Robin and The Longbowmen. Guys, it’s amazing. Are you satisfied with the response among music fans?
At first we wouldn’t really call it an EP because the actual motivation behind it was to have recordings we can show to people in order to get more gigs and have something to listen to. But for the fact that we didn’t really do anything to spread the news and share it, it’s been pretty good for us, yes. We are still getting positive feedback and that is an awesome feeling. To think that we barely managed to play out of town and just had a 4 day tour but get interviewed by people from Greece or requests from The Psychedelic Underground Generation and Online Radios like is just great. It’s not like we were expecting that but it really motivates us to keep going! Once more it shows that the internet is blessing and curse for musicians all over the world.


Sir Robin & The Longbowmen EP



The Basement: As I said, I love the whole thing, but I am absolutely and especially in love with the first two songs of the EP: 'I Would Like' and 'Sunshower'. Are there any stories behind them? What was the writing process of them?
'I Would Like' was probably the most complex song of the 4 to work on. We’ve been pre-recording it with Thomas Jahn and then again just recording it at the rehearsal space with lo-quality mics to try out this and that and we’ve already been playing it live before it was the song that it is now. You might be able to hear that the songs are different in age and I Would Like as one of the more recent ones shows more in the direction we will be going to. For the lyrics, they are pretty personal because Robin is singing about an ex-friend of his mother, who was a son of a bitch.

'Sunshower' went down as easy going as it sounds. We had a jam on Stefan’s idea and recorded it once to try some guitar licks and Robin was writing the lyrics while the others went to the supermarket to get a few beers. It is called 'Sunshower' because we think it is a beautiful word and there is no expression for rain during sunshine in German. If this was an interactive interview we could ask you if there is one in Greek?!

The Basement: So what’s next? Should we expect your debut album soon?
Definitely! We are going to record the album in October this year so we can hopefully release it at end of 2015 or early 2016 and ideally find a label that wants to distribute it as well. We will have our first European tour next year and see where it get’s us.

The Basement: There’s a whole cool neo-psychedelia move over the last 5 years... Which bands or artists do you stick out from there?
There is a lot of bands that are doing a great job at the moment. Bands we would always hear on the road are Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, The Soundcarriers or Night Beats. We also had the pleasure to see Boogarins in our hometown and the great honour to play with Doug Tuttle from the States and Kikagaku Moyo from Japan recently. Both great bands we would definitely recommend! 

The Basement: We don’t generally mix music with politics here in the Basement, but this time... I can’t resist: What’s your opinion on the rivalry that has been developed over the last few years between your country, Germany, and my country, Greece, due to the economical crisis?
To be honest, there is not too much on the news about that recently and we’re not the media infested kind. This seems a bit like a farce, especially that Varoufakis thing really was the icing on the cake. The whole debate about reparation surely isn’t helping the relations between our countries either. It’s more or less become a political blame game where both sides are right and wrong and it isn’t our turn to judge. In German there is a proverb: “A debt paid, is a kept friend.” And we love to have friends! So much on that.  

The Basement: What’s your ultimate dream for Sir Robin & The Longbowmen? At what point would you feel 100% satisfied with the band’s progress?
Right now the highest priority is to finish the album and release it as soon as possible because we’ve been waiting for that for a long time now. If we manage to find a label and go on tour we would all be happy men. Of course something we would really love doing in the future is playing at Austin Psych Fest and a couple of other bigger Festivals like that. We would also love to go to Japan and meet and play with our friends from Kikagaku Moyo again and then drive up to the island of Hokkaido to take some band pictures with the snow monkeys there in the hot springs. (Wuahahaaa)

The Basement: Thank you very much Sir Robin And The Longbowmen !!! 


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