Sun Atlas

In fact, we did not know much about Sun Atlas. The band first emerged with their 2019 7inch on German Mocambo Records. Today, after our very substantial conversation with them, we learned something that is enough to explain everything. Sun Atlas perceives itself as part of the universe and nature. They believe that spirituality is the way of healing humanity. "Music connects us all" they said, answering our question about why they write music.

Finally, they really have their reasons to remain anonymous and they do the right thing. Their music, with origins from afrobeat, ethio jazz and soul, came here to bring the unity back, away from discrimination and divisions of origin or point of view. Unity of humanity needs no person, no name, no origin to happen. Music is the common place where all together, with nature and through it, will rediscover our roots. The Sun Atlas are the intermediate link and the spiritual mediators who came to lead us away from the loss and destruction of today, in the omnipotent and life-giving nature.

I am happy to read people, musicians with such mature and philosophical thoughts. One of the few times that music analysis will lose its meaning, if it is disconnected from the artist's mental purposes. Behold Sun Atlas, a band with soul funk and jazz origins, from planet Earth. They came to reunite us with nature, with only weapons, some brass, guitars and African percussion.

Their debut LP "Sun Atlas" came out on Bloodstream Records on April 8th.

Here’s a chat we recently had with them that explains everything…


Sun Atlas s/t - out 8/4 via Bloodstream Records


The Basement: Hello Sun Atlas! Thank you for talking with us. Will you break the mystery? Please introduce yourselves to us, who are you? :)

Dear Michael, you're welcome to tag along for a while on this mysterious quest. 

The band’s music is a collaborative work between various musicians scattered on different continents. Sun Atlas is a spiritual collective astray from traditions - no 'gods', no heroes, stars or idols, no identification, no faces, no names, no gender, no rules — 

just the spirit of rhythm and music.

The Basement: How did you pick up the name of the band? Sun Atlas brings 'light' and 'earth' to my mind.

Humanity is bringing doom and destruction - we the agents of transformation - spiritual intermediaries of the highest order - awaken to the light… Sun Atlas feels deeply connected to the power of nature.

The Basement: How did you meet? Is there a philosophy behind the idea of 'Sun Atlas'?

…newly emerged light from the sun…

The idea of SUN ATLAS floats in an airless space, vague and open to new and own interpretations and inspiration. There is a strong community, but there are no faces. Nobody stands out, nobody steps above the others - Sun Atlas stands for equality. A magical circle of witnesses of this time. 

The Basement: First self-titled album "Sun Atlas" with afrobeat, ethio jazz, surf, cinematic soul, and funk/hip-hop. Tell us more about the process of making your first album. What's the central idea of it?

One of the main ideas of Sun Atlas is to connect artists and musicians all over the planet to bring awareness. Gain the power to the people, the love we need to bring back to our Mother Earth. In order to do so...connect them to the sacredness and wisdom of the animals - the sun - the plants and the spirit realms.

The Basement: Will there be a vinyl release in the near future? We will be more than happy to play those funk melodies on a turntable.

Yes, we would love to do a vinyl release in the near future, for right now we are planning it, not sure exactly when the vinyl will be available. Not too long ago we released “Grand Theft” our vinyl single through Mocambo, which we are really thankful for.

The Basement: How did you get in contact with Mocambo and Bloodstream Records? I noticed that both Labels come from Germany.

We love Mocambo Records and we love Baccao Rhythm and Steel Band, Mighty Mocambos. ‘Bloodstream’ is a member of the greater Family. Some of us live in Germany.


The Basement: Why do you make music? 

SUN ATLAS understands themselves as part of the universe and nature - We believe spirituality is the way to heal humanity. Music connects us all. 

The Basement: I would like to know more about the 'making of' my personal favourite of your LP, 'Backdoor Dandy'. I love those Bahama guitars!

First, we thought we tell stories through our music, each song had a theme and a topic related to the experiences or imagination of several characters. Then we changed our mind. Human nature clearly has a multidimensional level of consciousness, we want to support freedom and inspire thoughts when people listen to our music. Everyone will have their own experiences and visuals in their mind once they dream away while listening to our album.

The Basement: Give us five of your favourite albums of all time.

There are too many albums which are out there to name just four of them. But when one of us was working with Mulatu Astatke, he is clearly one of the most respected musician in our collective and an influence too. Fela Kuti, Amanaz, Ofege Ebu Taylor, Karl Hector, Whitefield Brothers, Can, Faust, Ton Steine Scherben and so many more but we love the labels now again records and Big Crown from NYC too.

The Basement: Any plans for the future? Playing any gigs somewhere?

Yes, definitely we want to play live! For now, nothing is booked, currently, we are working on the next album! We keep you posted… We really appreciate this interview and send much love to you!

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