Big Pharma:

Από το EP των Sleaford Mods,

'More UK GRIM'

Οι Sleaford Mods κυκλοφορούν EP ("More UK GRIM"/out 20/10) και εδώ το πρώτο δείγμα:

"Big Pharma"

The term ‘Big Pharma’ has been uprooted from its original place and is now more familiar as a term used by right wing and industrial groups trying to mask the financial aims of their arguments with some kind of critical thinking, panache-type legitimacy. It feeds on hopelessness, widespread fear and generations of unfettered misinformation linked to the limited critical perception we as the masses are burdened with.

Recently Big Pharma has been adopted by the anti trans movement, and you can see that high performance bigotry and personal financial interest are never too far away. Much like the next version of the latest smart phone, the features are largely the same.

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