Song Premiere:

'Parikia', του Edouard Bielle

Η μαγική και ονειρεμένη Παροικιά της Πάρου βρήκε το τραγούδι της. Και μάλιστα από τη Γαλλία...

Ο Παριζιάνος singer/songwriter Edouard Bielle έγραψε το κομμάτι "Parikia", ένα κομψό french pop διαμαντάκι, και το βρίσκεις στο extended play "Loverdose" που κυκλοφόρησε σήμερα (13/10). Το ακούς παρακάτω, μαζί με την ελληνόστιχη (!) εκδοχή του... 



Love, a soft drug that lasts and inspires, as evidenced by Edouard Bielle's very first EP: LOVERDOSE.

After three singles (praised by Les Inrocks and broadcast on FIP) and two music videos, from which you can tell he's got a taste for vintage, this new phase further establishes his universe, somewhere between yesterday and today, sincerity and lightness.

Throughout the album, which contains a touch of Christophe and Polnareff, but above all a lot of Edouard Bielle, we are carried away by his brilliant synthesizer sounds and his high-pitched voice, with which he opens up unreservedly about the different facets of his life, often punctuated by love stories.

A love that's sometimes hard to erase from his memory in "Je t'oublie déjà", a passionate romance with a mystical land in "Parikía", too much sentiment in "Loverdose", or behavior as common as it is vulgar that he mocks in "Jaloux".
And even with "Vitiliboy", when he talks about his vitiligo and the apprehension of seeing his body change, it's a way for him to learn to love himself as he is.

Edouard's personality and talent soon caught the eye of the likes of Myd, the Ed Banger hitmaker with whom Edouard worked closely on a "Radio Edit" version of his single "Loverdose", and Johan Papaconstantino, the artist who is reinventing Greek-Oriental music, who chose Edouard to support him on several of his French tours.

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