St. Vincent Λατρεία

Επιστρέφει με Νέο Δίσκο


Η Annie Clark, ο ιθύνων νους πίσω από την St. Vincent, επιστρέφει με νέο δίσκο. Το follow up του τρομερού "Masseduction" (2017) προσγειώνεται στις 14/05.

Μερικά από τα κομμάτια του δίσκου γράφτηκαν τον χειμώνα του 2019, ενώ η ίδια έχει αναφέρει ότι το back story του title track αναφέρεται σε πραγματικό γεγονός και πιο συγκεκριμένα, στην ημέρα που παρέλαβε τον πατέρα της από τις φυλακές και τον οδήγησε σπίτι.

Το πρώτο single από τον επερχόμενο δίσκο φέρει τον τίτλο “Pay Your Way in Pain” και είναι ακριβώς αυτό που λέει η ίδια:

“the sound of being down and out Downtown in New York, 1973. Glamour that hasn’t slept for three days.”


Daddy’s Home:

01 Pay Your Way in Pain
02 Down and Out Downtown
03 Daddy’s Home
04 Live in the Dream
05 The Melting of the Sun
06 The Laughing Man
07 Down
08 Somebody Like Me
09 My Baby Wants a Baby
10 …At the Holiday Party
11 Candy Darling



You got to pay your way in pain
you got to pray your way in shame

I went to the store I was feeling kinda hungry but I didn’t have the money and the shelves were all empty so I went to the bank to check my checking the man looked at my face, said we don’t have a record

Oh no you thought we had forgotten the show is only getting started the road is feeling like a pothole
Sit down stand up
Head down hands up and

Pay your way in pain

You got to
Pray your way in shame

You know what I want?
What do you want?
You know what I want?
What do you want?
I wanna be loved

So I went to the park just to watch the little children
The mothers saw my heels and they said I wasn’t welcome
So I went back home I was feeling kinda queasy but all the locks were changed and my baby wouldn’t see me

Oh no you put your finger on it
The stove is only getting hotter
The sun is gone to melting

Stand up sit down
Hands up breakdown

You know what I want?
What do you want?
You know what I want?
What do you want?
I wanna be loved

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