Top-50 Διεθνή Tracks

Of 2015


Ιδού τα καλύτερα 50 τραγούδια που άκουσα το 2015. Η σειρά δεν είναι καθόλου τυχαία, μάτωσα για να τη βγάλω, αλλά εντέλει άξιζε τον κόπο, η κάτωθι λίστα με εκφράζει απόλυτα και 'φωτογραφίζει' με φοβερή ακρίβεια τα κομμάτια που με σκάλωσαν (μαζί και τις στιγμές που έζησα μαζί τους) για τη χρονιά που όπου να'ναι μας αποχαιρετά. Hope u enjoy! 

1. Adolescence by The Murlocs (non album)

2. Peasantry or ‘Light / Inside Of Light' by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress)

3. Arena Negra by The Myrrors (Arena Negra)

4. The Guilty (Il Colpevole) by Arnold Fish (In The Land Of Elephant Blues) [read interview]

5. Hypnophobia by Jacco Gardner (Hypnophobia)

6. Multi Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Multi Love)

7. Tell Me, Tell Me by Paul Orwell (Blowing Your Mind Away) [read interview]

8. Take You Down by Daniel Pemberton (The Man From U.N.C.L.E. OST) 

9. The Are Too Many Of Us by Blur (The Magic Whip)

10. I Stole The Medicine Man by The Dandelion (Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion)

11. Man It Feels Like Space Again by POND (Man It Feels Like Space Again)

12. I Would Like by Sir Robin & The Long Bowmen (Sir Robin & The Long Bowmen EP) [read interview]

13. Mise En Scene by The Wheelers Of Oz (Revivalised) [read interview]

14. Melody Maker by The Madcaps (The Madcaps)

15. Long Way Down by The Hidden Charms (Dreaming Of Another Girl single) [read interview]

16. Dirt by The King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard (Paper Mâché Dream Balloon)

17. Find My Way Back Home by Monophonics (Sound Of Sinning)

18. Sticky Hulks by Thee Oh Sees (Mutilator Defeated At Last)

19. Rome by Ratatat (Magnifique)

20. Blood by Algiers (Algiers)

21. Philadelphie Story by Brian Jonestown Massacre feat. Soko (Musique de Film Imaginé)

22. Stargazer by Golden Dawn Arkestra (non album)

23. Why We Are Sleeping by Pascal Comelade & Le Liminanas (Traité De Guitares Triolectiques)

24. The Yabba by Battles (La Di Da Di)

25. Iceman by The Libertines (Anthems For Doomed Youth)

26. The Rain That Never Came by Apache Sun (Silhuettes EP) [read interview]

27. 5 Minute Girl by The Mystic Braves (Days Of Yesteryear)

28. Madness - by LEMAT ( Lucidly Experiencing Magic And Truth EP)

29. Sunday Mourning by Night Beats (self-titled single)

30. Smoke by Blossoms (Blown Rose EP) [read interview]

31. Hot Mess by Moses Gunn Colective (Mercy Mountain)

32. Shot From The Sun by Lovebyrd (Lovebyrd)

33. We Are Dreamers by Tindersticks (single)

34. What Went Down by Foals (What Went Down)

35. Let Me In by Ar-Kaics (Always The Same single)

36. Mexico by Duck Duck Grey Ducks (Here Come...)

37. Marilyn Monroe by Jamie T (Magnolia Melancholia EP)

38. Defector by Muse (Drones)

39. Dark Side by Triptides (Azur)

40. Turn It Off by Froth (Bleak)

41. Jet In Jungle by Damaged Bug (Cold Hot Plumbs)

42. Waste My Time by Dead Ghosts (Love and Death and All the Rest)

43. Vuelveteloca by Shakers (Pantera)

44. The Answer by The Savages (The Answer single)

45. Arcana by Death And Vanilla (To Where The Wild Things Are...)

46. Memories by PAUW (Macrocosm Microcosm)

47. Chasin’ by Hanni El Khatib (Moonlight)

48. Horses At Night by Still Corners (non album)

49. Blackstar by David Bowie (self-titled single)

50. Put A Flower In Your Pocket by The Arcs (Yours, Dreamily)


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